Phylogenetic tree based on SSG alignments.

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The annotations at the end of each leaf are as follows:
  • coloured circle: shows the similairty of the reactions by bond order (first circle), reaction center (second circle) and sub-structure (third circle)
  • E.C number linked to IntEnz
  • Uniprot Sequence ID linked to UniProtKB
  • PDB ID linked to PDBSum
  • CATH domain ID linked to CATH domain
  • Multi domain architecture, domains linked to CATH superfamiliy

It is important to note that both GO and E.C. annotations are assigned to entire gene products and not to domains. Thus as FunTree is a domain centric resource some annotations might not be being performed by a particular domain.

At each node to the tree the following information can be found:
  • A blue number - the confidence score provided by TreeBest for the bifurcation at the node. Please note that as these trees are automatically generated some of the trees might have low confidence scores at nodes in the tree. These trees should be considered with caution as they may not be reliable.
Show Tree With Fixed Branch Lengths